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G.V.Malathamma is the daughter of Gubbi Veeranna, a legendary figure in the history of Kannada theatre. Malathamma began to act in her father’s theatre company from the age of four. She and her husband Basavaraj, became famous for their roles as Sita and Rama in the play Lava-Kusha. Malathamma has two daughters, B. Jayashree and B. Padmashree both of whom are well-known in the contemporary theatre world. Disabled and virtually blind, Malathamma is now seventy-five years old and lives with her daughter Jayashree in Bangalore, in a far away suburb. For company she has two dogs and her memories of her theatre days.


K. R. Ambika is a Tamil theatre artiste who acts in folk and musical dramas performed in villages and towns. Her father was famous as an artiste and as a drama teacher. This video documentation of Ambika’s life and work was done in Melalakshmanampatti and in Karur, Tamilnadu, where Ambika lives.


Legendary tamasha artiste Vithabai performed even when she was nine months pregnant, stopping only to deliver her baby behind the stage. Based on video recordings made in Narayangaon, Maharashtra on March 31 and April 1, 2001.

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