Interactive Workshops with Students: Visual History

Visual History Workshops form a very important part of the SPARROW agenda. Every woman artist has to work within a social and cultural context in which her gender is a constant factor — adding, deleting, enhancing and reducing, all at one time, the quality of her learning process and her work. SPARROW Visual History Workshops have been interested in the way women create space for their expressions and the way they retain that space, sometimes by manipulating a given space, sometimes by creating a new space and sometimes by transforming a given space to make way for different expressions. These workshops were attempts to introduce people to experiences of various artists and their visual work. SPARROW invited artists whose life and careers provide us an opportunity to know how women live and function as artists. The Visual History Workshops were recorded on video. SPARROW also brought out a booklet after each workshop in the form of a biographical note, based on the proceedings of the workshop and on the video recordings done at the residence and workplace of the artist. Following are the artists who were guests at the visual history workshops SPARROW held from 1997 to 1998.

Pramila, a film star of the early Hindi cinema.
Kanaka Murthy, a traditional sculptor.
Damayanti Joshi, the renowned Kathak dancer and teacher.
Sushama Deshpande is an actress who calls herself a theatre journalist.
Maya Krishna Rao is a Kathakali dancer and a theatre artiste.
Neela Panch is a painter who paints in the traditional Mysore style of painting.