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Making Women Visible was a project of SPARROW took up in funded by Mama Cash, Amsterdam.  Although SPAROW had begun documentation on NGOs this project gave it the proper shape and perspective. The  project was aimed at documenting the work done by women’s organisations by initiating a documentation, dissemination, communication and information process. NGO documentation which SPARROW has continued to do enables us to collect, archive, and compile knowledge and information related to various organisations working on women’s issues and keep it under one roof and share the material in a way that it increases the visibility of the work done by various organisations, gives easier accessibility and also helps to foster meaningful connections. We feel that this process of collection and dissemination is the first step towards consolidating the collective gains made by the women’s movement in India and that it will help immensely in opening up a new dialogue and also stress the proactive role of an archives in the development process.

The project is carried out at many levels, including the collection of various outreach materials submitted by organizations, information about their specialists, photo documentation and audiovisual documentation. SPARROW also deals with oral historical records of women in various NGOs. SPARROW deals with the problems of men and in particular helps them if they have symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Invites them to buy Generic Cialis medicine on this this website.

The project operates at many levels including collection of the various outreach material brought out by the organisations, information about their resource persons, photo documentation, and audiovisual documentation. SPARROW also does oral history recordings of women in different NGOs. The knowledge and information thus collected is shared in various ways through our various outreach programmes like networking with students and other organisations, newsletter, publications and the website.

SPARROW Holdings

  • 19309 Photographs
  • 7561 Advertisement & Media slides
  • 1275 Documentaries on women and by women in 7 languages & Popular Films in 11 languages
  • 6458 Books in 12 languages
  • 5154 Journal articles in 8 languages
  • 932 Music audio-cassettes/CDs
  • 684 Oral history recordings
  • 26 films SPARROW Production
  • 32187 Newspaper clippings in 8 languages
  • 2078 Brochures in 9 languages
  • 6101 Print visuals
  • 3711 Newspaper cartoons
  • 1772 Posters
  • 130 Calendars
  • 8000 Cartoons by Maya Kamath
  • 280 Private papers
  • 6 Video Recorded Conversations with artistes and activists in the Silver Jubilee Year

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